Friday, October 1, 2010

The return of board game club

Here's some of what's been happening:
  • D got sent home sick yesterday with a persistent cough. Some time after he got home, it turned into a real fever, peaking around 101 degrees. So he stayed home from school today. D didn't like that. He also felt sad about missing board game club and the graduate potluck at our former neighbors' new house. This is the first missed school of the year, I think.
  • A lot of plans for today got scrapped. I stayed home with D and my husband went to school with four game sets to run the board game club. Fourteen or fifteen kids from kindergarten to sixth grade had signed up. It used to be just grades 1-6, but this year I decided to open it to pre-K and K, if children are accompanied by a parent. Today's game was chess. We'll try to run the board game club once a month and each time it will be something different.
  • D was building tippy towers and drawing rainbows while he was home today. He had to have me tell him which colors were which. Green vs. red is a problem, as is blue vs. purple. Which items are brown is also a mystery.
  • My parents are having a new metal roof put on their house, the old roof having just passed the quarter century. Grandpa (who is turning 89 in a week) was up on the 2-story high roof, too.
  • I somehow missed the deadline for signing up for therapeutic riding for C, but I got in touch with them, and she's signed up for 10 sessions. She'll be in a group riding class, which will be more challenging, but also hopefully more interesting and social.
  • This is a big year for travel for us, and this fall, we'll all be accompanying my husband to a conference in Baltimore. It's going to be a fast trip, but we're hoping to see DC and Virginia friends and Baltimore and Washington, DC sights. I'm also hoping to go to Russia with my old Peace Corps friend sometime during summer 2011, but how that will work with our move is an open question.
  • C continues to obliterate Kumon workbooks. Tonight, she finished up My Book of Addition (that's single digit addition) and then did 5 pages of Kumon's 2nd grade Subtraction workbook. That may sound too easy for a 3rd grader, but the latter workbook covers up to 3-digit subtraction.

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