Sunday, October 31, 2010


Here's some of what's been happening:
  • Because of my parking fiasco, we were grounded for most of the weekend. C didn't get to go to her horse riding class, we missed our appointment for getting our photograph done for the parish directory and our grocery shopping was limited to whatever my husband and C could carry home the nine blocks from our HEB (they did get a large pumpkin a gallon of milk). This finally ended after church. My husband and I walked (and the kids biked) to the campus Catholic chaplaincy this morning. After Mass, while eating cookies in the foyer, we discussed the problem with our old neighbor and a dad from the kids' school and they agreed to help. I took the kids across campus to the cafeteria and before we got our food ready, my husband had already returned. At the parking garage, he and his helpers had jiggled the car free. It left only about a one inch scratch (and possibly a small dent, although that is debatable) on the Pontiac. I'm still waiting to hear from the Pontiac's owner.
  • My husband wanted to do the jack o'lantern right, so instead of getting a cheapo pumpkin carver, he got a proper blade and fitted it up with a wooden handle, which he lovingly sanded. He and the kids cleaned the pumpkin, washed the seeds, and carved a classic two-toothed grin into the pumpkin. He baked the pumpkin seeds with some oil and cinnamon-and-sugar, to sprinkled on pumpkin muffins and eaten whole. I was initially resistant at the idea of eating the pumpkin seeds in the hull, although my husband assured me that that's what it said to do on the internet. "Who wrote that?" I asked. "A parakeet?" Later, I had a chance to try the pumpkin seeds, and they're actually pretty good in the hull, particularly when baked with oil and cinnamon and sugar. The pumpkin flesh is sitting in a big glass bowl in the fridge, waiting to be transformed into pumpkin muffins. The jack o'lantern looked great on our front porch, lit by several red LEDs.
  • The kids wore last year's Gryffindor robes and took turns carrying a large foam-and-feathers Hedwig. We circled the neighborhood ringing doorbells and the kids did very well, although C had twice the candy that D did. Among the neighbor children were Cleopatra, Iron Man, a cheerleader, a tiger, a lion, and an infant pumpkin. For our trick-or-treaters, we had a large glass dish of mini-Snickers and mini chocolate bars. My husband had his telescope out on the front lawn and offered passers-by a chance to look at Jupiter.
  • I'm finally doing sprouts again. I've got some alfalfa sprouts going on the kitchen counter. They've been thoroughly soaked and are just starting to sprout.
  • Tonight was budget night and I just finished my paper work. We had less business and babysitting income in October, so we estimate that our November savings will be only $230.

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