Saturday, October 16, 2010


This is the most disappointing Craigslisting we've ever done. We posted a text ad last night and got no responses last night or this morning. Then this morning my husband suggested that we add some photos. We wrote up and posted several ads with photos and he texted a Craigslist poster who had asked for some sizes that we had. So far, I've had only one phone call, and that person has not materialized yet. I don't know what to attribute this too, particularly since we made a point of photographing fleece coats, baby buntings, warm sleepers, and the most expensive items are $1. Is there a baby clothes glut? We've never had so much trouble stirring interest.

At least one person in the house has done better than me with reselling. C sorted out a bunch of small toys this morning and was selling them to D for reasonable prices (under my supervision).

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