Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Here's some of what's been happening:
  • C has twice gotten Silly Bandz from little girls at school, which is very sweet. D loves his and we had to talk him out of wearing his to bed tonight.
  • My email got backed up and we somehow wound up with three kid engagements today: one at 2 (I picked C up early from school), one at 4, and one at 6:45. I'm going to see about moving one of these.
  • We have some big school news. C was supposed to be in Mrs. D's class this year, but Mrs. D had to have emergency surgery before school started. About four weeks into the year, it was announced that Mrs. D will not be returning this year. Mrs. W has been working with the class temporarily for the past four weeks (she has other responsibilities at school, too, that she needs to get back to). C really likes Mrs. W and would like to keep her. As of today, the school has found a permanent replacement for Mrs. D. Mrs. ? is an education MA, 30, has been teaching 3 years, and will be team-teaching the two small 3rd grade classes together with the other 3rd grade teacher as part of her training. That is all very good. The only part I'm not sure about is that Mrs. ? will be commuting over an hour each way every day, which has got to be tough.
  • C told me: I told D about the Angles and the Saxons and how the Angles are very sharp, the Saxons play the saxophone, and the Celts wear kilts.
  • My husband submitted a book manuscript (based on his dissertation) to his publisher today.

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