Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Here's some of what's happening:
  • I have mixed feelings about the Oval Office redecoration. On the one hand, I like the beige and cream striped wallpaper, and I think it looks reasonably sophisticated, and I think the white wainscoting and moulding contrasts well with all that beige. On the other hand, I think the sofas are all wrong--way, way too casual for the setting. A more traditional, more formal (but still comfortable) pair of medium-brown leather sofas would work better here, I think.
  • Last night, I finished sifting through nearly all of our books in the office, although I was chased away from my husband's book collection. Controlling the book collection is going to be a continuing process over the years, but I've made progress. This go around, I still need to have a look at the bookcases in the three bedrooms.
  • Our 50-year-old (???) thermostat went out last night, and we got a new one from facilities this morning. Given the impending destruction of our neighborhood, I wonder when the college will stop fixing stuff. I also got a new kitchen faucet earlier this week after the old one starting leaking. Oh, how I will miss having the college as my landlord.
  • We lost a bunch of neighbors over the past month or so (especially ones with older children--boo hoo), but we have been getting some new neighbors. The guy who manages the rentals in our neighborhood says that there's a big waiting list to get in.
  • Yesterday was the last day of August, which meant budget night. Our projected housing savings for August was $2 (yeah, I know). We would have gone over budget, had I not trimmed down our school hot lunch order, but we coasted to the end of the month successfully. I have a number of happy things to report: 1) my husband got a small raise 2) I made $88 (before taxes) last month from babysitting 3) our electricity bills should be shrinking in a few weeks as temperatures cool 4) as a result of 1) and 2), we are projected to save $311 for our house this month. I did, however, forget to budget for our childrens' museum membership, but I was so taken with the thought of actually saving money for the house this month that I decided to wait until next month to renew.
  • My husband and I are getting National Geographic for C.
  • Far too much of this morning was taken up doing an online order for Lands End with my lavish September clothing budget. I got one new forest green uniform polo for D, one pair of black uniform pants for D, two pairs of navy knit pants for me, and one pair of navy cords for C. That will hold us for now. I got free shipping and some online discounts, which kept costs reasonable.

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