Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sedimentary rock cookies

Here are some things that have been happening:
  • I was a good girl scout and sent out an updated neighborhood directory again this evening. I've got 16 families now, which isn't everybody, but is probably at least 2/3. I'm not totally sure which houses are empty and which are occupied. It seems to changes day by day. I got a new family this evening, just by walking around the loop listening to Jane Austen's Emma and asking "Are you in my directory?" As of this summer, the number of school age kids in the neighborhood is sadly reduced. Three families with big kids are gone, and I haven't recently seen the big bicycle packs racing around the block that have been so characteristic of the neighborhood. Of course, they may be waiting for cooler weather.
  • At school, C's 3rd grade class made "sedimentary rock cookies." The recipe reminded me a lot of last year's "Roman road cookies."
  • D says: "I love grammar!" D learned the word "rojo" today in Spanish.


Tex said...

Wait, you maintain a neighborhood directory? I wish you lived on my block.

Xantippe said...

Yeah, me too. This is my first go at it. The previous keepers of the directory have moved on, so the torch has passed to me.