Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday chores

Here's some of what's been happening today:
  • My husband and I sorted through some clothes, books, and videos for Goodwill. He delivered most of the stuff to Goodwill, and took a selection of books to the free book table at his department.
  • C got a haircut and didn't make a federal case of it. Then the kids and I went grocery shopping at HEB and they both got a Hot Wheels car as their free item.
  • Jane Austen's Emma lies a lot.
  • C and her dad have been working on a paper 3-D castle from a kit.
  • I got C to try on her winter coat and various fleeces so I could see what she's outgrown, and what should last another winter.
  • C did 2 hours on the Wii today. Her temperature is slightly up.
  • I caught up on my email and collated the names of children coming for board game club next week, then emailed the names to the school office.
  • C and I worked our way through her right hand closet (each child's room has two closets--yay 50s homebuilding!) late tonight. She and I have done a lot of work on her room and I think we're at least halfway through as of tonight. As I've mentioned, I'm trying to go through every corner of the house before we move, to avoid moving with too many boxes of pointless debris.
  • D and his dad are out at a star party, but should be back very soon.

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