Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday at the zoo

Here's some of what's been happening:
  • C did 39 pages of her Kumon multiplication book, covering the 8s, 9s, and 10s, as well as some review. That's $9.75 at our usual rates. Fortunately, such industry is unusual, or it would be over the hill to the poorhouse.
  • My husband and I are plotting to reduce the kids' disposable income while not hurting their motivation. We're thinking of requiring contributions to a travel and fun fund, so that they can buy things like admission to Sea World (we still haven't been to Sea World San Antonio). The kids are actually pretty friendly to the idea. The important thing is to reduce purchases of tangible objects, because one stuffed animal a week is 52 a year. When the kids have higher earnings (babysitting, lawnmowing, etc.), I'd also like them to start contributing to college savings.
  • I took the kids to the zoo this morning. I had issued a general invitation to the neighborhood to join us, but nobody appeared. We had a good, hot time, saw gorgeous dragon flies the size of hummingbirds, played with the river otters, and made the obligatory stop at the zoo gift shop.
  • D just calculated that if his dad has 100 latex gloves and he wears a pair every day, the gloves will last him 50 days.
  • Right now, my husband and the kids are putting together a model car for C.
  • I talked to my grandma today and my grandparents are going to be remodeling their circa 1959 kitchen. Their built-in stainless steel oven and (separate) stainless steel cooktop have finally gone out, and of course replacing built-in stuff is going to require a major overhaul: fiddling with the cabinets, replacing the original gold-flecked yellow Formica, etc. The loud patterned brown and yellow late 70s (?) carpet is also on the way out. Grandma has gotten some help from my aunties for choosing colors. The cabinets (which will be kept) are varnished a sort of dark gold wood tone, which may be difficult to coordinate with, but it's been decided to go with light flooring and light Formica with colored flecks. I should probably suggest to my grandparents that they see if they can get anything for the built-in Thermador oven, which somebody might at this point consider an antique worthy of rewiring. My grandparents built their house themselves in the late 1950s and put in what were then state-of-the-art appliances (the Thermador website said that Thermador was the first to introduce built-in ovens 50 years ago, so my grandparents were early adopters). The cooktop has a huge built-in griddle that my grandma is very attached to, and at one point, there was also a built-in deep fryer. It sounds like work will be starting soon. The hope is to get my grandparents' kitchen shipshape by Thanksgiving dinner.

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