Friday, September 24, 2010

Plaid people

Here are some things that have been happening:
  • Two houses that I watch have dropped again, one from $175k to $168, and one from $150k to $140k.
  • C did about 20 pages of a Kumon subtraction workbook today, between stretches of Backyardigans. A lot of the time, C dislikes challenging tasks, but today she was describing the harder problems as more interesting, and the easier problems as boring. It's a good thing, too, because the way she's going, she'll be out of the easy workbooks soon.
  • My husband and I have just introduced the new vacation savings plan for the kids. As I mentioned earlier, the kids (especially C) have a pretty good cash, and I don't like to see it just turning into unplayed with toys and heaps of supermarket vending machine trinkets. We already have an established policy of setting aside 10% of the kids' income for charitable giving. As of tonight, I'm going to try to remember to pay the kids 80% of their net income in cash and put the other 20% in their trip fund to make sure that they have money on hand to pay for special vacation stuff. We'll see how this goes. At some later point, I'd like them to start saving for college, a car, and other grownup stuff.
  • C's Smithsonian Magazine came today (I set it out on her bed to wait for her) and she was quite absorbed in it. There's a big cover article on tattoos and body decoration around the world. Last month, C was not at all interested.
  • I'm really enjoying Inspector Lewis. In fact, I'd almost say that the new series is better than Inspector Morse.
  • D's kindergarten class has been learning about Texas. Today they were talking about line dancing and square dancing.
  • One of the parking garages on campus is a regular dovecote, to the kids' disgust. I was using the phrase "pigeon poop" with the kids today when C stopped me. "Let's call it pigeon droppings," she said. "It sounds better."
  • D said: There's no such thing as a plaid person.

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