Sunday, September 26, 2010

New castle

Here are a couple of things that happened today:
  • C cashed in some of her points (25) and my husband took her and D to the small local amusement park, which has had both rides and rates refurbished. The agreement was that the kids would enjoy $12 worth of rides for those 25 points, and would spend an extra $3 each of their own money on extra rides.
  • I thought we had arranged for the transfer of C's now too-small cowboy boots to D, but I was mistaken. I have informed C that before she gets new boots and a new cowboy shirt, she's going to have to make the old boots over to D.
  • My husband and C finished putting together a 3-D paper castle from Dover. C started by herself some weeks ago, but it really does require a steady adult helping hand to produce a nice product. My husband used his big paper cutter to do the job right and there was a lot of gluing. The finished product is so nice (complete with drawbridge and tiny blue and red pennants) that I claimed it for the dining room. It's now sitting in a place of honor on the bookshelf next to my blue-and-white Polish teapot.

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