Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Legal stuff/Open house

Yesterday was a sad but necessary waste of the first day of school after a four day weekend. I had to go grocery shopping and then my husband and I spent the entire early afternoon finishing up the paper work for our wills, powers of attorney, and medical powers of attorney. We went over to my husband's department twice to round up witnesses for the wills. The first time, I put a signature in the wrong place, so we had to return home and print up a fresh copy. The powers of attorney required a notary and the medical powers of attorney required a notary and two witnesses. I called half a dozen notary offices, asking if anybody had witnesses available on site. Only the last one, a used car lot, did. The car lot was fairly close to downtown, but on the wrong side of the river and it had the sorriest collection of cars I have ever seen for sale (one literally had weeds growing up through the bumper). However, the car lot manager was a notary and had enough employees to muster two witnesses, so that was all that mattered. We went home, filed papers in the fire-proof safe, and were done.

Last night was parent education night at school. The head of school talked about the school being classical (Latin starts in 4th grade), Christian, and influenced by Charlotte Mason. I'm not super familiar with Charlotte Mason (although I know she's influential with homeschoolers), but I learned a couple of things about her educational theory last night, namely "no twaddle" (i.e. don't dumb down materials for kids) and "no busy work." I went to a talk by C's temporary 3rd grade teacher (the permanent teacher is expected back next week), a talk by a math specialist at the school, and a talk by D's kindergarten teacher. I managed to catch the math specialist in the hall after her talk (she's also the mother of one of C's classmates). I was just telling her something like, "If nobody is doing it, my husband and I would like to put together..." when Mrs. C finished for me. "...A math club!!!" she said. That's very promising. We'd like to put something together for next year, perhaps monthly meetings organized around math contest problems. D is very eager about his math this year. C is less eager, but more knowledgeable.

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