Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Here are some things that have been happening:
  • I took my 4-year-old babysittee to the children's museum today. I had him for 3.5 hours today with much of the time spent at the museum. I've had a couple of cancellations this week, so as it turned out, I babysat only 5 hours Monday and 3.5 hours today, for a total of 8.5 hours.
  • In related news (some of my babysitting money is earmarked for this), one of the new graduate students at my husband's department is Russian, and she's agreed to be my tutor. It's been about 4 years since I last had a tutor and I am terribly rusty, but there might be certain on campus opportunities available for me if my Russian improves (there's a Russian language program and an interesting archive). The leftover babysitting money is supposed to be for our house fund. I've also considered doing some ESL tutoring again. There's also my recent dream of doing tax work, but I think it's too early to think seriously of that. In two years, I become eligible for free courses from the college.
  • We finally got fed up with .1% interest on our FDIC-insured money market account and my husband is in the process of moving it to a 1.3% FDIC-insured savings account. This is our house savings fund. As my dad would say, 1.3% is better than a poke with a sharp stick.

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Tex said...

. . . better than a poke with a sharp stick.

This was the sad phrase my boss used to describe my measly raise one time.