Friday, September 3, 2010

Four-day weekend

Here's some of what's happening:
  • The kids got Friday off from school, making this a four-day weekend for them. Even before we adults were awake this morning, C was at work on a Kumon handwriting workbook. She did 24 pages, which is exactly what she needed to earn her remote-controlled race car. My preference is that she do fewer pages of handwriting at a time so that I can check her work and encourage neater handwriting before she makes the same mistake 20 times, but you'd have to get up pretty early in the morning to stand between C and her car. I do appreciate the opportunity for C to concentrate on her penmanship. C got her race car late in the day, after my husband got home. The kids had their matching race cars out this evening for a trial run and had an excellent time until D's batteries ran out.
  • C did nearly all of a potholder today, although she's still got the fiendishly difficult edges to do.
  • This evening I got a new scrapbook at Michaels to put C stuff in. Her baby book is officially full, and it was time to get a new one to put little odds and ends and selected art work in. Hopefully, my husband and I will work on the kids' scrapbooks and our photobooks over Thanksgiving break. Our work yesterday turned up a surprising number of unused albums, frames, memory boxes, and other photo paraphernalia, including three unused kid-oriented albums. D agreed to take a cute blue castle-themed album and he and I chose some photos to go into it this evening. I think he was pretty excited about it. I'm probably going to need to get an album for C, too. (I should mention that the thing about Michaels is that they practically always have a 40% off coupon good for one (1) item online, so you can do pretty well there if you are getting a single large item.)
  • In the middle of the last bullet point, my husband called me into the master bedroom to help with a roach hunt. It was not a success, but we chased the large bug under a night stand, under the bed, under another night stand, back across the room, thought we caught him, and then lost him as he escaped into a crevice in the built-in vanity. We had another big outdoor roach in the house the night before, so we're one more sighting away from a New York Times trend. It had to be Labor Day weekend, of course. I'll contact the manager on Tuesday and ask for an exterminator, but we're looking at least three more nights of wary paranoia during the late evening or when visiting the bathroom at night. The most annoying thing about it is that we are just a few weeks away from cold weather, so we almost (but not quite) managed to avoid the inconvenience of another spray.

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