Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall begins

Here are some things that have been happening:
  • For two days running, the early morning temperature has been 57 or 58 degrees. The pecan tree off the back patio is starting to shed yellow leaves. The squirrels continue to feed on green pecans in the front yard, sending down an untidy hail of partially eaten nuts on the front walk.
  • I'm very happy with the kids' schedule. I've lately been waking up around 7:10 AM to find C up and dressed in her school uniform and ready for breakfast (when she's ready and there's extra time, she gets a little TV before it's time to leave). D would like more of a hand with getting dressed, but he can do it himself. I think we'd do very well, were it not for the fact that I tend to get drawn into the blogosphere over breakfast, rather than industriously packing lunches. Lately, we've been consistently on time for school, which is totally amazing. Bedtime is also working well. I'm aiming for a bedtime snack at 7:30 PM, followed by pajamas, followed by 5 minutes of free time for D, followed by his bedtime (8:30ish). After that, C is free until her bedtime at 9 PM, although we often have to spend that time washing her hair. C also usually spends some of her free time picking up her room or picking up the living room. We do get discombobulated on CCD (religious education) nights and star nights and whenever there's some sort of late night special occasion.
  • D has been bringing home coloring sheets from his class's Texas unit, including a beautiful pair of cowboy boots and a cactus. He also brought home an armadillo craft assembled from pinto (???) beans, which is a real twofer.
  • Yesterday, I inadvertently sent D to school with red Canada socks with polar bears, rather than his regulation white uniform socks.
  • So far, I like the kids' CCD homework. When C was in kindergarten, her otherwise excellent CCD teacher sent home piles of redundant makework, but so far, D's CCD homework has been pretty harmless. Tonight's homework for D was for his dad to read him the story of creation from a children's Bible storybook (which they provide). C's homework tonight included reading much of the first chapter of Genesis. To my knowledge, this is the first year that C has done much with the Bible itself, rather than children's Bible storybooks. On Sunday, we always take a large bag of children's Bible storybooks to church for the kids to look at (as well as C's Magnifikids), but I've lately started bringing the more sophisticated children's Bible storybooks, for instance Murray Watts' The Bible for Children (that one has spectacular illustrations, but more S-E-X than the unwary parent may be ready for).
  • I had a dream a couple nights ago in which I was in a classroom playing hangman (viselitsa) in Russian. The word I chose was "prevoskhodnyi" (superlative, superb, outstanding). The funny thing is, until I looked it up just now, I didn't really know what it meant in English.
  • A house in the neighborhood I watch just dropped from $260k to $250k.
  • I continue to sift our possessions. Today, I finished going through all of the baby, toddler, and preschool clothes that I have in storage, dusting boxes, dusting shelves, pulling out a big pile of items for sale and/or Goodwill. It's pretty laborious, but I need to figure out what we actually have and whether or not we need it and want to move with it. We have vast reserves of baby, toddler, and preschooler clothes, partly because I used to have a pretty bad shopping habit, partly because we spent 4 years in an apartment without a washer/dryer of our own. I also made the kids try on old dress-up stuff to see if it still fits.

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