Saturday, August 21, 2010


Here's some of what's been happening:
  • Yesterday while the kids were at school, I vacuumed and wiped down the inside of the car with the thermometer showing 97 degrees outside.
  • C got a thank you card from Heifer yesterday with a girl holding a baby goat. I set it out for her on her bed. Giving is pretty abstract for kids, and it's nice to be able to make it a bit more concrete, to put the emphasis on the benefit conferred, rather than the loss to the child.
  • After a number of repetitions of "I'm bored," my husband followed through on a threat of dismantling the Zoob remote-controlled car. The Zoob car got built some months ago and then immediately froze in that form, even though it's supposed to be a creative toy you reconfigure, rather than a museum object. The kids reconfigured the Zoob car tonight and are playing with it again.
  • I also gave something like the following speech during a store visit (the third of the day) during which the kids wanted to buy yet more stuff: "Kids I've noticed some things. 1. You have a lot of toys. 2. You're bored. 3. You want to buy more toys, even though you just got some new ones." The nuclear option that I am prepared to adopt on weekends is that if the kids complain about being bored, we will start going through each shelf and drawer in their rooms, sifting and tidying, to 1) organize their rooms even better and 2) reintroduce them to forgotten toys.
  • At the grocery store this morning, C insisted on buying prune juice. I served her some later today. "It smells like prunes! Delicious!" she said. C has never been exposed to anti-prune animus.
  • We are getting very close to the end of the Anne of Green Gables audiobook. Anne has just passed the exams for Queens.
  • We made a second trip to a different store for distilled water and canned pumpkin this evening. Our neighborhood HEB has stopped stocking canned pumpkin outside pumpkin pie season, and our household lives and breathes pumpkin muffins, so it's crucial that we find an alternate source for canned pumpkin. The distilled water is for C's chemistry set, which requires distilled water and alcohol to mix the chemicals with.

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