Sunday, August 29, 2010

A very social weekend

Here's some of what's been happening:
  • My husband took the kids to Lowes for a project Saturday morning. They made little school buses with a small chalkboard panel. I spent my morning at Barnes and Noble and bought a blank journal to use for my Russian and a Temple Grandin memoir. Saturday night, my husband did the open-to-the-public star party talk for our town. He took C and she helped with the presentation. D went to bed promptly and I spent my time alone getting to the bottom of my laundry baskets and reading a story by Zoshchenko about two children who prematurely attack a Christmas tree. It was in Russian (from a children's book) and I dutifully looked up words and recorded some notes in my new notebook. My husband and C got back home from the star party at about 11:30 PM Saturday night.
  • Today being Sunday, we went to Mass. Later in the afternoon, we took the kids to the college gym and the kids raced on the indoor track. They did two 1/9-of-a-mile laps with a break in between and D ran nonstop both times. Then my husband took the kids to the pool and I walked on the indoor track by myself. I had C operate the change room shower by herself. Theoretically, C can do all the change room stuff by herself, but she hasn't yet done so. We rushed home after the pool, my husband made whole wheat chocolate muffins with chocolate chips and I fed the kids dinner. After that, I carried the muffins over to a cookie party in our neighborhood at 6 PM. I had a very good time and a couple other women and I had a nice long renterly chat on the oddities of the local housing market. One of my new neighbors is writing her dissertation and she talked about procrastination issues. "Why don't you check out another book?" I asked.
  • The $250k house that my neighbors offered $125k for is now listed at $240k.

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