Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tofuing leftovers

I picked the kids up at school, bought some uniform items at the office and then drove the kids to the children's museum for a "myths and legends" event. We visited briefly (long enough to acquire balloon swords and hit the gift shop), left and got home at about a quarter to five. By prior agreement, my husband was working on dinner. He extracted nearly all the chicken from last night's curry, so that the kids got white rice, curried chicken, and mixed veggies (corn, beans, carrots) on their plates, each item in splendid isolation from the others. Our grownup dinner was different. My husband fried up some firm tofu, then added the leftover curry sauce, sesame seeds, and powdered ginger to it. Last, he added some microwaved mixed veggies. We adults had the mixture with last night's rice. To be honest, the results looked like the contents of a dog dish, but it tasted fantastic, and it was not at all over-salted. We all got what we wanted for dinner, with minimum duplicated effort.

The cafeteria reopens Sunday night. Three more dinners.

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