Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The tent came!

Here are some things that have been happening:
  • The kids' tent came! It's huge, with lots of doors and windows and a skylight.
  • Yesterday, we got not one but two payday loan solicitations in the mail. They were both back-to-school themed, with lots of happy children. "We Can Help With Your Back To School Needs," said one. The other said, "Our business is to make loans to good people like you. FAST...with no delay!"
  • There's some sort of problem with the city water, and we're supposed to boil drinking water until further notice, although we'll probably drink mostly bottled water.
  • I had my babysittee this morning.
  • We are really enjoying The Guild, which deals with the collision between real life and life online in a gamer community. MH, if you haven't watched any of the episodes, get over there.
  • D is starting Spanish at school this year.
  • It's looking like a very good year for pecans in our yard. Three years ago, when we were new here, we were thrilled by the bounty of our pecan harvest, but the next two years there were barely any nuts. This year, however, green pecans (mostly squirrel-nibbled) have been showering from the tree near our patio. It's a huge mess now, but I think we're going to have a good harvest in about two months. There'll be a lot of collecting and cracking to do, but we'll be able to enjoy my husband's whole wheat blueberry pecan muffins and pecan pie.

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