Friday, August 13, 2010

School is coming

Here's what's been happening:
  • Yesterday, I went to registration and orientation at school. A neighbor (who has a child starting at the school this year) says that it reminds her of joining a sorority. The school has added 11th grade this year and the building fund is doing very well. The school needs $1 million to build a junior high/high school with ten classrooms, etc., and it's nearly all given or pledged (our family share works out to around $4,000). A lot of demolition has taken place and construction will start very soon. There's a donor who is matching up to $500,000, which helps a lot. The $1 million for construction seems reasonable for a school, but I'm curious how much it's going to cost to furnish the new school with desks, chairs blackboards, whiteboards, computers, bookcases, library, lab equipment, garden, etc.
  • My husband took the kids out to see the Perseids last night.
  • I got an invitation to join some neighborhood mothers and kids downtown for lunch at a vegan buffet downtown near school. The name suggested Indonesia. Before we left, I told the kids that it was a vegetarian place (which turned out to be not 100% true--it's partly vegetarian). "I need protein in my lunch!" said C. D repeated, "I need protein in my lunch! I need protein in my lunch!" "You don't even know what that means," I replied, and we left for downtown. The food was very good. I got fresh bread for the kids and a lunch buffet for each of us. I especially liked the coconut veggie soup, although I wound up eating both the kids' portions. They ate the bread and raided the dessert buffet and I tried to talk to my new neighbors. From the signs saying calvary something-or-other, as well as the website for the place, it seems that it's a sort of outreach center, possibly a sort of coffee shop/restaurant/student hangout/rec center/clothing bank/food pantry/cooking school/church, although not all of those aspects were immediately visible. They are offering cooking lessons as well as free coffee, fountain drinks and wi-fi for college students.
  • Over lunch, I heard a very interesting story from one of my neighbors. They are househunting in the same older neighborhood near downtown that I am, and they made an offer on a 1920s Spanish colonial that has long been sitting on the market. It's a huge home that is lovely, but will need an exorcism and major work on the interior to undo a 1980s renovation. The house is for sale for $250k. In light of the updating needed, my neighbors offered $125k. There was some back and forth, and ultimately the sellers said that they would take no less than $230k, so they weren't able to come to an agreement. It was worth going to lunch just to hear that story.
  • C is becoming more and more interested in Anne of Green Gables and has been enjoying the audiobook. We've just finished the part with the affair of the raspberry cordial.
  • D can stand on his head and tumbles very nicely.
  • Today, my husband and the kids were watching a documentary on Mayan archeology and the cracking of the ancient Mayan written language.

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