Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday shopping

Here's some of what's been happening:
  • We had a big afternoon on the town today. D needed some new tennis shoes for school (with velcro straps and solid black, white, or brown). We got a pair for $9.99, a bargain which fueled a spree later this afternoon. D and I went to Barnes and Noble, where he bought a small unicorn for $8 and I bought a leather-bound complete Hans Christian Andersen for $20. At Barnes and Noble, D was very patient when a teething young toddler at the train table started chewing on him, and he quickly alerted me when the toddler put a toy soldier in his (the toddler's) mouth.
  • The kids (but especially D) have been patiently saving up points to buy this palace play tent. We're going to spend about $50 ordering it from Sears, but the kids will be paying us 100 points, about 80 of those from D and about 20 from C. The tent is going to be about as long as our sofa, and it's going to consume large amounts of living room square footage, but it's a very pretty tent, and the kids (especially D) have worked very hard for this.
  • The kids have lately been doing a very good job keeping the living room in good order. It's like having live-in staff.
  • Me (to kids): Do you want to watch Breaking the Mayan Code or SpongeBob SquarePants?
  • School starts Wednesday. Tick, tick, tick...

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