Thursday, August 12, 2010

A mostly financial post

Here are some things that have been happening:
  • Having saved up over $30 in her charity box, C was able to give honey bees (or the equivalent) via I normally don't care for charities that send lots of mailings, but when we get a newsletter from Heifer, I make a point of passing it on to C, and I think it's genuinely educational.
  • We drove out to look at a house near a lake. It was $123k for a middle class home in a lower-middle-middle class mid-century city neighborhood. The price was very tempting, but the drive is too far for us, and I have concerns about which way those neighborhoods will trend. I think we'll have to either go for the nice older neighborhood near downtown or the other small faculty neighborhood just off campus, either of which would be much closer. I don't think we'd move to the suburbs (except maybe for high school). We're just not commuters.
  • We've done a little bit more thinking about the narrow vacant lot in the faculty neighborhood. The lot itself would cost $40-50k and my husband was emailing with a builder who said he could build a nice house for $75 per square foot ($100 for very nice, $120 for a showplace). I spent a very happy hour or so looking at floor plans online (giving myself license to look at plans up to 40' wide). Unfortunately, if we want a 2000 square foot home, the builder's quote (while very reasonable) is somewhat out of our range.
  • A few days ago, I noticed a Craigslist rental posting for $800 for a home that I knew was for sale for $185k. That was quite thrilling, up until I noticed the Craigslist counter-advertisement warning would-be renters that the house was not for rent and that the people who had posted the rental ad were scammers.
  • I went to school today for registration. We've been doing very well with the used uniform closet. I got $7 back today from items that we've sold, and I picked up three polo shirts and a uniform skirt for a total of $15.

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