Monday, August 30, 2010

The kids' math

Our home math program has lately expanded.
  • My husband feels like it is time for C to start some algebra. I have in front of me some problems that he was working through with her. One is 3x + 2 = 2x + 6. The other is a simple problem with two unknowns.
  • D, in particular, has lately taken to climbing onto his daddy's lap after dinner and asking for a math problem. D has complained that the math at kindergarten is too easy, and so I asked my husband to write up a report for me to share with the kindergarten teacher. D can write all digits, but sometimes writes them backwards. For more complicated math problems, he prefers oral work. My husband writes that D "sometimes closes his eyes and imagines dots." D "imagines lighter colored dots for negative numbers." D prefers pure, naked numbers for addition, subtraction, and multiplication, but examples help him visualize division problems when the divisor is greater than two. D understands the idea of a square root. There's a lot more, but I should save the details for my report to D's teacher.

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