Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fortune cookie

Here's some of what's been happening:
  • D got a fortune cookie at the cafeteria: Be prepared to change your plans.
  • We're a few pages from the end of the Anne of Green Gables audiobook. There was a quote tonight that we all liked. Rachel Lynde is commenting on Anne's upcoming job as school teacher in Avonlea: "You'll get along all right, now that there are no Pyes going. Josie was the last of them, and a good thing she was, that's what. There's been some Pye or other going to Avonlea school for the last twenty years, and I guess their mission in life was to keep schoolteachers reminded that earth isn't their home."
  • I went through nearly all my papers today: my household binder (with all my to do lists), my folders (a Texas folder, a college folder, medical folders, a folder for C's report cards, a folder for D's report cards, a folder for the parish, several folders with pretty magazine pictures from shelter magazines, etc.), and a small plastic file box containing the skeletal remains of my past careers. Later in the evening, I went through our large puzzle collection with my husband and we decided to disappear several less-loved puzzles. We'll give away a few, but my husband took a couple for scrap and he actually fabricated a replacement piece for a favorite shape puzzle this evening from one of the discards. We are going to have to be very serious about sifting our belongings before our move in the spring.
  • I had another laundry malfunction this week and I ran a second light-colored uniform polo through the dryer with a big stain. D started out at the beginning of school with two light-colored uniform polos (three-year-old hand-me-downs from C), two white button-down uniform dress shirts, and the school t-shirt they all wear on Fridays. That's five shirts for five days, but now two of the five are horribly stained and showing signs of distress after several launderings. And who is to say that the same thing won't happen to the two white button-down shirts? As soon as I can, I will try to order two forest green replacement polos (I've already been to the uniform closet at school and there are no size small used polos available). I suppose somebody has to buy uniforms new, but I wasn't planning on it being me.

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