Thursday, August 19, 2010

C still wants to be a 2nd grade teacher

Here's some of what happened today:
  • A few days ago, I explained to one of the Starbucks ladies that D (my youngest) will be in school full-time now. "So you're going to be a lady of leisure!" she said. Pretty close. Today was the second day of school and my total achievements while the kids were out were: spend a fair amount of time on internet, run some laundry, hang up all the kids' clean clothes, take short walk (in 97 degree heat--I'm DC-conditioned to bear the unbearable) to Starbucks, take a nap. The one very good thing that happened was the nap, which counteracted the effects of a late night finishing up the 2003 Czech/Slovak movie Zelary. The film is longish, but has beautiful rural scenery and is not totally predictable.
  • My hope for myself for these school days is that I will do something from several of these categories every day: 1) routine work (stuff that repeats over and over again like laundry and grocery shopping) 2) non-routine work that requires more peace and quiet or larger blocks of time (like making phone calls, writing emails, dealing with school papers, getting ready for our move, or dealing with my box of photos) 3) exercise 4) nap 5) personal improvement (either working on my Russian or doing spiritual reading would qualify). At this point, not knowing how the school year will shape up, I don't want to make any unwise commitments, either work or volunteering. There's also the possibility that some fantastic real estate deal will appear sometime during the school year and we'll have to move suddenly.
  • C says: "I'm going to be a 2nd grade teacher. Maybe when I grow up, I can be a teacher at [name of her school]."
  • This evening, the kids were listening to the Anne of Green Gables audiobook while hanging out in the living room. We are about 4/5 of the way through the book, although there are many other Anne of Green Gables books in the series. Interestingly, the kids don't want to watch the Anne of Green Gables movies that I got from Netflix, although C says she'd like one that was a cartoon (there is a cartoon version that looks terrible).
  • The kids continue to do a very good job keeping the living room tidy. As I've said before, it's just like having a live-in staff, and rather less expensive. When C earns $2, we generally give her $1 in cash and the other goes into her remote-controlled car fund. She currently has $105 in that fund (much of it from a birthday check) and needs $22 to get the car (which is waiting patiently in my bedroom closet).

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