Monday, August 9, 2010

Baby prep

Here are some things that have been happening:
  • Tomorrow is the big day when the baby I'll be babysitting and his mother will come over for the first time. So far we've pulled out a Pack-n-Play from storage and wiped it down, moved big kid toys from the living room, moved the treadmill out of the living room, pulled out some baby toys from storage and wiped them down, pulled out some board books, etc. My husband also put more foam padding on the bricks near the fireplace. I've laundered the highchair seat cover, found storage containers for the baby toys, worked on the kids' bathroom, vacuumed the big brick bench near the fireplace (that still had pine needles from Christmas despite Merry Maids), wiped the dirt out of the panels of our front door, wiped the cobwebs on the outside of the French doors that look out of the living room, and wiped down the toddler stuff on the patio. We didn't do positively everything (we'll have cleaners coming Wednesday to do routine cleaning), but it was a very big deal.
  • Having assigned the high chair to the visiting baby, it's time to move D (age 5!!!) to a place at the dining room table. Our active papers (bills, important mail, my calendar, my netbook, my big housekeeping binder, etc.) had occupied half of our dining room paper for years now (in deadly peril from spilled drinks), leaving the table only on special occasions. We have a solution, though. We moved a folding table from the garage and set it up in a corner of the dining room and transferred all of our papers there. The dining table is now free, and D will no longer sit exiled in the kitchen.
  • My husband just fixed our sofa with Shoe Goo and a clamp.
  • D read two Clifford phonics books today. C has finished reading Watership Down and is now finishing The Jungle Book.
  • My favorite (very friendly) Starbucks is closed for some reason, so I found myself at the "alternative" college coffee house, where a male barista was wearing a currently trendy v-neck t-shirt and a female barista was wearing smokey eye shadow and late 70s/early 80s eye brows. The tip jar had a note that said "Every time you don't tip, a hipster forgets to bathe."
  • We got a report from our money market account. The interest rate is plunging catastrophically. It was .95% just a few weeks ago, but as of the most recent date they gave, they are now paying .35%. That is pretty pitiful.

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