Monday, July 12, 2010

Xantippe's almost smart phone

Here's some of what's been happening:
  • I just finished up a session of life education with C. I told C that if she wanted her usual dollar for cleaning her room (yeah, I know that's pretty steep, but that's market rate at our house), she'd better be ready for bed and have the room cleaned by 9:30 PM, because that's when she's going to bed. I returned a bit after 9:30 PM and discovered her glued to Harry Potter. Nothing else had happened in my absence. I explained the awful consequences of her inactivity. C got to work on cleaning up and dressing for bed, accompanying it with howls of how unfair it was. I ought to have taken the book away, I ought to give her a second chance, etc. I told her I'd give her 50 cents, and that was more than daddy would give. I gave her the 50 cents, there was more howling and I put her to bed. By the end of that, it was very close to 10 PM. I'm not totally sure that either of us learned much from the experience, but some semblance of justice was done.
  • I was at the water park today for the kids' swim classes and I got to use my almost smart phone for serious web surfing for the first time. The phone is smart enough for me, but uses our old calling plan. We paid serious coin up front for the phone, but aren't going to be nibbled to death by monthly charges.
  • I forget if I blogged it earlier, but C produced a very nice tracing of a dragon with the following text: "Dear D: inclosed in a zipblock bag are some little coupons that say things like Hug from C."
  • Today's real estate news is that a house at the fringe of the older neighborhood I watch has just slipped from $130k to $115k. It's 3BR/2BA, is actually very pretty, but is just under 1500 sq. ft.

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