Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unicorns and dragons

Here's some of what's been happening:

  • At swim class, D was doing both a front and a back float (with some help to get into position). C has graduated from the Red Cross's level 2. We're told that level 3 involves distance swimming and deep water and often requires multiple tries.
  • C says she'd like to work as a house cleaner (in order to see the inside of houses) or a house painter.
  • My husband was quizzing C on voicing and devoicing. C knew that a devoiced "b" would be a "p" and (this is a tricky one) that a voiced "sh" would be a "zh."
  • C has a birthday soon, and my husband and the kids are working hard to mix, pour, and mold small plaster unicorns and Chinese dragons as party favors for our guests.
  • After a really apocalyptic living room scene last night (my husband and I had to tidy up before the cleaners came this morning), my husband laid down the law to the kids today. The kids can 1) earn $1 for a clean bedroom, plus 50 cents each for the living room or 2) if the living room is a mess, they can get 50 cents for a clean bedroom. This is potentially a lot of money for the darlings, but these days they buy their own art supplies and 90% of their toys. They chipped in quite a lot of ride money for the trip to the amusement park this week.

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