Friday, July 2, 2010

Thumbs down on Yoplait's Greek yogurt

A few updates:
  • We have our West Coast plane tickets.
  • My husband is working on the double jogging stroller that we just got back from a graduate family. He's fixing up a few things and then we'll send it back into circulation again, hopefully.
  • In real estate news, there were two price drops in the historic neighborhood I watch. A rather pretty colonial house (a new listing) just dropped from $293k to $280k. A cute little mid-century house (very imaginatively described as a tudor) has just dropped from $172k to $160k, and I need to try some Lamaze breathing to keep from picking up the phone.
  • We all went to Walmart today for some shopping and I was able to pick up some items that aren't sold at our usual HEB. D fell in love with a cactus, which he paid $8 for. I bought several different kinds of plain yogurt for taste-testing: Stonyfield Organic 99% Fat-Free, Stonyfield Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt 0% ft, and Yoplait's Greek 2X Protein 0% Fat. First of all, while the Yoplait Greek yogurt has 14g of protein (26% of your daily allowance) and only 100 calories, it's the worst yogurt I've ever had, nothing at all like the velvety 2% fat Fage Greek yogurt that our HEB has by some miracle started stocking. Yoplait's version is aggressively tart and gritty and it tastes nasty even with honey added to it. Also, there's gelatin in it, which is why the texture is all wrong. Yuck! I'm tossing it out, even though I paid $1 for the 6 oz. tub. Yuck! I'm also, unfortunately, tossing out the Stonyfield Organic 99% Fat-Free, because it looks like there might have been some damage to the carton and some spoilage (although, as my husband says, how can you spoil yogurt?). Now, moving along to the Stonyfield Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt 0% Fat. This has a fairly smooth texture and the ingredient list is nice and short, although it's drippier than Fage. You can eat it straight with a spoon without wincing, although it's nicer with honey. I still like the Fage 2% fat best. C also picked out Yoplait's Fat Free Pineapple Upside-Down Cake yogurt and Yoplait's Fat Free Red Velvet Cake yogurt. I'm not going to taste-test those, but I'm just entering them into the record.

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Scott said...

Greek yogurt has 0% fat in it. I use it frequently with lunch and dinner. It taste's good. Eating Yogurt is my life and I dont eat without it. Next time you walk into Walmart try Pineapple Yogurt!

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