Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th

Here's some of what's been happening:
  • Today, we had our big neighborhood 4th of July parade. One of our neighbors drove a golf cart around the loop twice, followed and preceded by dozens of kids on bicycles and scooters. Their parents followed at a more stately pace. Both C and D participated in the parade, first having decorated their bikes with sparkly pipe cleaners. After the parade there was a big picnic at a neighbor's house, with piles of grilled sausage, several different variations on the biscuit-pudding-berry theme, and several trees to climb. This was probably the last 4th of July parade and BBQ in our neighborhood. Two families with four children each have moved or are moving, one to a suburb, one to a rental in a neighborhood near our big city park. Boo hoo!
  • We're beginning to wonder whether we shouldn't think seriously about doing a faculty-in-residence thing again. Pros: It would cut our housing costs and utilities to zero, would eliminate our yardwork and would enable us to live on campus. Cons: We would lose our garage, green space, and much of our storage. What would we do with the kids' bicycles and my husband's beloved telescopes, so as to store them safely, but also be able to quickly pull them out as needed? Con: No neighborhood children. Pro: Babysitters! We'll keep thinking about the faculty-in-residence possibility. It's not a permanent solution, but it's definitely worth keeping open as an option.
  • My husband and D planted the cactus in the patio garden.

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