Friday, July 23, 2010

D on DNA

Here are some things that have been happening:
  • D asks: Does DNA decide when you die?
  • C is saving up to buy an absurdly expensive non-toy remote-controlled car. We let her have some of her birthday money for the project, but told her that she'd need to save the rest herself. Currently, she has $87 in savings and needs to save $40 more. She's been diligently cleaning the living room at night and she's started doing her Grade 3 Kumon Geometry & Measurement workbook again. Her recent work in that workbook has included conversion between grams and kilograms, grams and milligrams, liquid capacity problems, conversions between pints and quarts and between gallons and quarts. She's about 2/3 of the way through the Geometry & Measurement workbook (she's been skipping around a bit). I like the measurement section a lot, but am not always as impressed by the geometry section.
  • D asks, "What's dragon plus dragon." C answered correctly, "Two dragons!"
  • This morning, we had a playdate with a family with 4 kids. We met them at the spray park/playground near the river and had an excellent time, although it was tricky keeping track of everybody. Two of the kids (boy/girl twins) are D's classmates.
  • We ordered a birthday cake from a young neighbor and it's now sitting in the fridge waiting for the party tomorrow. It's green with flowers, to suggest a flowery meadow. My husband has molded a white chocolate unicorn from white chocolate chips and that's also waiting in the fridge. We're going to try to combine the unicorn and the cake for the party. The party's going to be very small--just one other family. Between a wedding, a baptism, a move, a hike, and a visiting cousin, it turned out to be very difficult to assemble the usual suspects.

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