Saturday, July 10, 2010

Craigslist continued

Here are some things that have been happening:
  • C has been doing an hour or two of Wii exercise every day, which is nice. I'm currently avoiding my turn.
  • I think we've just about wrapped up our Craigslisting after fielding dozens of phone calls and text messages. A very nice lady with a home daycare bought all my remaining toys, and the only things we have left up on Craigslist are a handful of books. D got nearly all of the proceeds because the toys came from his big purge this spring. C wants in on the action, and she brought me a pristine Barbie princess with intact shoes and tiara. She also brought me a heap of books, but 1) I want to keep some of them 2) the other ones are more likely Salvation Army fodder. As C pointed out, the Barbie was in perfect shape because she never plays with it. We'll probably do another Craigslisting before Christmas. More people than you might think get their Christmas presents second-hand. So far on Ebay, we've sold the Fisher Price toddler camera for $20 (including shipping). That's the going price for a used toddler camera, as unlikely as it sounds. We will need to get quite a bit more aggressive with Ebay, Craigslist, and charitable donations soon if we are moving in a year.
  • We met friends at the college pool yesterday. There was some delay because of a pool closure, but that just meant that the kids got to go on the big multi-story climbing wall at the college gym.
  • There's an adorable 1920s 2BR/2BA cottage in the older neighborhood I watch. Yesterday, the price dropped from $230k (where it had been for months, if not a year) to $215k.
  • In financial news, I see that our money market account is now paying out 0.95% a year in interest, the first time since we opened it that it has dropped below 1%. Where is this going?

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