Monday, July 19, 2010

C is 8!

Here's some of what's been happening:
  • D said (very expressively), "I love Anne of Green Gables!"
  • C turned 8 today! As of today, she is no longer legally required to ride in the car in a booster seat (although she has one more year to go in Canada). C is actually pretty attached to the booster seat, so it may take a while to get her out of it. She and I will be able to travel without it later this summer, which will be nice.
  • I had a dental appointment this morning, so while I was there my husband took the kids to Michaels where C bought glow sticks and a velvet art kit and D bought just glow sticks. C was apparently very grown-up at the check stand, where she deployed her money, a coupon, and calculated her change. Official festivities began with the four of us having a nice lunch at the faculty center. Afterwards at home, nearly all the glow sticks were immediately activated. Somewhat later, we each had one Little Debbie cupcake (the chocolate kind with creme filling and a white frosting squiggle on top), C's having a long, thin sparkly candle. For gifts today (we are saving a few for her party on Saturday), she got a Smithsonian chemistry set (now very hard to get), a new swimsuit, and a unicorn gift box with a unicorn noisemaker, a unicorn notepad, a small pack of crayons, unicorn stickers, a butterfly sticker, and a small stuffed unicorn. And which item do you think C liked best? Yes, the $4.99 unicorn gift box. When we were originally planning the party, C wanted to get a unicorn gift box for each of her guests. At the time, I envisioned 10 or so kids at the party and said no. However, it turned out that C was more than happy with just a unicorn gift box for herself. She likes the swimsuit but is obviously not extremely excited about the chemistry set. It's true that C has been on the receiving end of many edifying gifts from her parents.


Wendy said...

Congrats to C! E was so excited not to have to be in a booster seat any more.

MH said...

Happy Birthday C.