Sunday, July 25, 2010

Birthday party

We had C's birthday party yesterday. Due to a combination of a wedding, a baptism, a move, a visiting cousin, and a church hike, we only had one family join us. There was a girl a bit younger than C and a boy a bit younger than D, plus the mom. I had C give all the kids unicorn tattoos and then we had cake with a white chocolate unicorn on top and chocolate ice cream on unicorn plates and C opened the rest of her gifts (a world atlas, a world history, and The Usborne Book of Living Long Ago). I told C the gifts could have been worse--they could have been socks. The kids did some Wii together (always a favorite at our recent birthday parties) and then we went outside where we had the wading pool, the sprinklers, and bubbles. We had some issues over custody of the garden hose. As our party favors, we gave our guests each a small plaster Chinese dragon and a small plaster unicorn that my husband and the kids molded.

Later in the afternoon, C did more of her Grade 3 Kumon Geometry & Measurement workbook. She has just finished up the liquid capacity section. "Milliliters and liters are easy!" C says. She now has $92 in her remote-controlled race car fund and needs $35 more to get it. That day will come much sooner than you might think.

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