Sunday, July 18, 2010

Anne of Green Gables

Here's some of what's been happening:

  • This morning, we took advantage of the relative (very relative) cool and I practiced driving to three different playgrounds, one of which has a spray park. Lately, temperatures have been getting close to and slightly over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so if we go to parks, we should go early, but there are still a few hours in the day below 90 degrees. says that our overnight lows are around 76-77 degrees, but I have a really hard time believing that. When I get up in the morning, it tends to be around 80 degrees.
  • I bought a boxed set of Anne of Green Gables books and have been trying to sell C on them. C has read the beginning, but was not excited about the book. However, on the ride to and from church this afternoon, my husband was playing the free recording. The book felt a little bit slow when I looked at the first chapter a couple of weeks ago, but it really came to life in the recording. The kids (particularly D) loved it.
  • I'm about one fourth of the way through the Librivox recording of Northanger Abbey. I forgot how good it is, how enjoyable it is to follow Catherine as she navigates Bath and discovers the difference between what people say they are and who they really are. I've also got Emma and Persuasion to read, and then the Austinpalooza will be over for another year or two. What will I listen to? I should also wait another year or so before doing Lord of the Rings again, since I just finished this spring. It's really hard to find books that are absorbing enough to send you happily off to the treadmill every day, and when you do, they are soon finished, and then the hunt is on again.
  • C was very particular today about wanting to be paid for room cleaning today, even though on Sundays, the money goes into her giving box. C really wants to get those honeybees from Heifer. She's getting very close.
  • To earn a second movie today, C went through the first six pages of Usborne's Illustrated Elementary Math Dictionary with me today. I bought the Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Math (that's the big kid version) earlier, but it was pretty serious stuff, so I ordered the elementary version. In the first six pages of UIEMD, we talked about numbers, digits, zero, infinity, positive and negative numbers, whole numbers, place value, even numbers, odd numbers, squaring, cubing and factoring. Factoring was the hardest.

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