Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tom was a cat

Here are a few things that have been happening:
  • C was sick, so we stayed home from the big parish water park outing last night. We also missed a graduate pot luck today.
  • Earlier today, D asked me how to spell "was." Somewhat later, I saw a piece of paper where D had written "Tom was a cat" over and over again.
  • Yet another neighbor (on the next street over) is moving out. Our elderly neighbors to the left are in the process of moving out and I expect that our right-hand neighbors will also be moving out soon. I hope the college puts renters into all these empty houses. We also need to write a letter to the president to point out the importance of a stronger faculty presence near campus for a healthy college community.
  • I went grocery shopping today at our local poor folk HEB. I didn't get to see everything in their cart, but the people behind me in line put the following on the conveyor belt at the check stand: Nilla Wafers, two large packs of fresh meat, vegetable oil, and white bread. Yoo, hoo Jamie Oliver!

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