Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer school

Here's some of what's been happening:
  • Multitudes of tiny ants started coming out from under a switch plate (!!!) in the kitchen a day or two ago. I've taped over the area and that seems to have slowed traffic.
  • D continues to read Clifford phonics books and bounce on the indoor trampoline on his breaks. He has been buying glitter glue from me, 1 tube for three phonics books read, an sharing his glitter glue with C.
  • C has started rereading Harry Potter. She has also been working on her Kumon 3rd grade Geometry & Measurement. Every page completed earns her a quarter and a 5 minute Pink Panther cartoon. C has skipped around a bit, but today she worked on boxes (if the box is unfolded, what will the shape be?), measuring millimeters and centimeters (I hate millimeters--much too small!), kilometer/meter conversion (so easy compared to miles/feet) and area. She has finished about half of the 3rd grade Geometry & Measurement workbook.

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