Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sewing camp

Here are some things that have been happening:
  • C has had two days of her sewing camp at a local sewing store (it's two hours per session). Sewing straight is hard, but she can thread the sewing machine and she's already made a pin cushion and a pillow. Tomorrow is the last day.
  • My husband is on the road, but will be home soon. Before he left, he loaded the dishwasher and made chocolate muffins. Yum!
  • C bought a MathART: Projects and Activities (Grades 3-5) book from me for 10 points. She did a couple of projects, including one where you make geometrical shapes with marshmallows and toothpicks.
  • My exercise has been limited with my husband gone, but we have done a number of non-routine things in his absence. The kids and I went to Pei Wei for lunch and I had a very decent pad thai. My driving has long been a very tentative business (I've had my license for two years), but I've had a lot of practice over the past two days. My current driving repertoire is: school, HEB, children's museum, Starbucks (and maybe a second backup Starbucks), zoo, horse ranch, big plaza (with sewing machine store, Pei Wei, $1.25 movie theater, Jamba Juice, etc.), downtown library, Barnes and Noble and dentist. I need to add some more routes to my city driving (Walmart, Target, downtown, Walgreens, playgrounds) and start working up to interstate driving (which is necessary for church, a hospital, going to a mall, or doing trips to outlying communities). The one place that I'm pretty sure I'll never drive is Dallas, which is simply a nightmare--it's like a big bowl of spaghetti, but with freeways instead of noodles.

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