Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting better

Here are some things that have been happening:
  • The past couple days, I've been mostly lying on my tummy, surfing the internet and feeling dreadful whenever I had to move. I think I'm improving, but I have a doctor's visit tomorrow.
  • C has started her gifted camp that focuses on plants and the outdoors.
  • The kids enjoyed re-watching The Incredible Mr. Limpet with their dad today. That's the movie where Don Knotts is a milquetoast who turns into a fish and helps the U.S. Navy fight Nazi subs.
  • On Sunday, we got our old double jogging stroller back from a graduate family at church that is moving to a job. That's right--a real, genuine teaching job. They do exist.
  • D says that he has made up a very small number: a googolth.

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