Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flash floods

Here are some things that have been happening:
  • We've had a flash flood warnings for today, due to heavy rain. Our area in Texas gets about as much yearly precipitation as Seattle, but it tends to bunch up more. I drove myself to the dentist today (a first!) and drove to pick up C from camp by myself (another first!), doing my best to avoid floating off the road. I also picked C up from camp on Monday and Tuesday, but that was with my husband navigating. Today, I just had the GPS. The emergency flash flood messages on the radio explained that an SUV or a pickup will become inoperable in about two feet of water. I've had my driver's license for two years now and my repertoire of destinations has been limited (school, grocery, Starbucks), but now that it's summer, I've been encouraging my husband to remind me to do more in-town driving for the family. The interstate (which is crucial for destinations like the hospital and our parish) is above my current skill level, but my current task is to get comfortable with city driving. We save about $20 a month for driving lessons for me and I've got $220 set aside at this point. I think I probably need one city lesson and maybe two or three highway/interstate lessons. I'm unfortunately not a very good spatial thinker and I need to memorize routes very exactly, but the GPS helps quite a lot.
  • I botched that story about D and the snail--he actually brought me 16 quarters, exactly $4.
  • D said, "This is the donut truck. It delivers donuts to the dragon house."
  • The kids' school (which is heavily influenced by a liturgical/historically minded Baptist church) lays heavy emphasis on the virtues. The kids were discussing what virtues they need. C says she needs fortitude and D thinks he needs temperance.
  • There's a new listing in the historic neighborhood I watch. This one is 3BR/3BA and it's $172k. It's a plain but updated and respectable house from the early 1950s. As I said earlier, high 100s seems to be the market price for moderate-sized homes in that neighborhood.

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