Saturday, June 19, 2010

Embroidery and Monopoly

Here are some things that have been happening:
  • D told me, "I won a game of cards against my kitty cat!"
  • D has read 4 out of 12 books from the first Clifford phonics boxed set, a nice breather after finishing the first 4 Bob phonics boxed sets. There are pretty pictures, engaging characters and stories, repetition, and (at this level) not too much text on each page. D's getting his confidence back. I have four sets of Clifford boxed sets, but there is a fifth one that I don't have. I also have several Dora the Explorer boxed phonics sets, but D has nixed Dora.
  • I decided to chance letting C keep her embroidery kit overnight in her room in order to work on it in the morning. The bad thing that came from doing that was that C managed to break a needle and the broken-off piece took a while to turn up. The good thing was that C learned to thread the needle all by herself! She was mainly employed this morning in stitching sequins and flowers to a piece of felt and then she supervised D while he did similar work. D's project (which involved lots of buttons) ended up gracing Stretchy's treasure room in the Little People house where he spends much of his time. C has some trouble making small stitches and sewing in a straight line, but today's projects were exactly at her level.
  • We had a playdate at home today with two other children and their mom. Ostensibly, this was supposed to be a Monopoly date for C and her friend, but as I expected, they took a while to get down to business. C's friend got to do some embroidery work, too. They eventually got around to Monopoly, but there was substantial interference from several dragons and a stuffed snake. Toward the end of our playdate, the kids switched to Wii Fit.
  • My husband is due back from Ireland this evening.

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