Friday, June 11, 2010

Ant invasion

Here are some things that have been happening:
  • My husband and I were up late Wednesday battling an invasion of tiny ants. Their point of entry was the middle shelf of some kitchen cupboards, so presumably there's some sort of vast ant empire with tunnels running up through the walls of our rental house. Ick. My husband emptied and cleaned the cupboards and sealed cracks with silicone sealant while I went through the contents of the cupboards, checking for ants and improperly sealed packages. The ants will probably break through elsewhere in a few days or weeks.
  • D can spell out his name with magnetic letters! He spelled out "CLOC" on the fridge, adding a K at my suggestion.
  • This is the last day of C's gifted camp, which focuses on life on the space station. She has been getting more enthused about it as the week goes on. Later today, D and I will go and admire C's work.
  • C is working on her summer book bingo sheet from school. There are some categories (book about famous person, story from another country, history, Caldecott book, fairy tale, Bible story, non-fiction, tall tale, and five poems), as well as many free choice books on the bingo sheet. Last summer, she filled her sheet mostly with non-chapter books, but I'm a bit stricter this year. I'm accepting non-chapter books for the categories, but requiring chapter-books for the free choice books. We should also sign up for the public library summer reading program.
  • Last night, C did yet another math competition test. I'm not sure where my husband got this one, but it seems to be the easiest of the bunch. It's supposed to be for 3rd graders, but C got 20 out of 25 correct. Here's a question from the test: "Fred has 3 bicycles and 4 tricycles. How many wheels total are there?"
  • I've got C's sketch book from art class here. Inside, I see one one page C's notes "Norman Rockwell liked to paint American Scenes and children. His paintings told a story." On the facing page, C wrote "BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH" in increasingly large print. She also has a marker sketch of water lilies, an unfinished sketch of dozens of ducks on a pond, a fire-breathing dragon and a crowded picture with pyramids, a unicorn, a camel, a sphinx, and an ice cream stand with the banner "Happy birthday sphinx!" The birthday ones form a series: "Happy birthday octopus!" and "Happy birthday unicorn!" also appear. Dragons appear frequently, as well as maps of rooms in our house. There are occasional items in larger drawings that seem to be the product of a different hand.

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