Thursday, May 13, 2010

Xantippe's lunch

Here are a few things that have been happening:
  • There's a new foreclosure on the edge of the historic neighborhood I watch. I don't have the exact information (the website just shows a satellite image of the intersection), but it's a 100+ year old house, 1400 sq. ft., 3BR/1BA and offered at 90k. There's been one other foreclosure a few blocks away.
  • It's getting warm, particularly in the afternoon. The cleaning company called yesterday to tell us that "the girls" want us to turn the AC. I told them that we'd have it on the next time they come. We're currently limping by with open windows, ceiling fans and as many lights off as possible. My husband has brought in a rotating fan from the garage and set it up in the living room (which has no ceiling fan) and the results have been fantastic. The basic problem is that as the month wears on, our overnight and morning temperatures are creeping higher and higher into the 70s, so it's less feasible to capture cold night air and try to hold onto it for the rest of the day. We'll try to hold out for another couple weeks.
  • Another seasonal change is that the cafeterias will be closing down in a couple of days and will be closed for probably two weeks. A couple nights ago at dinner, a cook asked me, "What are you going to do when we close?" "Curl up and die," I replied.
  • I've been making myself bean and cheese burritos for lunch lately (multigrain tortilla, canned black beans, store-shredded cheese, ranchera salsa), but it occurred to me that I can actually fancy this up without too much trouble. For today's lunch, I cut up some fresh cilantro, some green onion, and a small avocado and had them on the side. The internet informs me that a medium avocado has 276 calories, 248 of which are fat, which I suppose explains why it's so filling. It was very good. This leads me to two conclusions. 1) I should stock green onions, cilantro, and avocado at home. 2) I could serve this for dinner on one of those cafeteria-free nights.

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