Friday, May 14, 2010

Xantippe gets her netbook

Here are a few things that have been happening:
  • This afternoon we all four went to Best Buy and got me a Samsung 10.1" netbook with a matte screen and chiclet keyboard. The chiclet buttons are smaller than on a keyboard, but the greater space between the buttons improves typing accuracy. It has a 7hr battery, which is not top of the line, but the matte screen and the comfy keyboard were important to me, so we had to make compromises elsewhere. With tax, we paid $390. That leaves $179 in our desktop replacement fund, but although we've had the current one since before Y2K, there's no big rush. My husband has spent much of the evening deleting "free" stuff that the netbook came with. Right now, he's outside with it, assessing wifi range. The netbook is very, very cute, by the way, and not least of its many advantages is that being small it won't hog my dining room table the way my old laptop does. The old Dell laptop with its big screen is going to move to a permanent station in my husband's office where it will work on photo processing.
  • I had a chance to play briefly with an ipad at Best Buy. It's very pretty and the vividness and sharpness of the screen put all the netbooks we saw to shame. However, I couldn't help but notice that half of the display ipad screen was covered with greasy finger marks, the natural consequence of having the user type on the touch screen. As I discovered, I dislike typing on a screen. As a web surfing or reading device, the ipad looks great. With regard to actual typing of substantial texts, I am less impressed. I don't want an ipad, but I can see why other people do.
  • We had rain today, which brought our temperature down to 65 degrees. This is very good.
  • C has finished reading Tom Sawyer. I occasionally try to ask C questions about her reading, but her usual reply is to suggest that I read the book myself.

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