Monday, May 3, 2010

Xantippe drops a dime

I just got off the phone with campus security. Some lunkhead in a sports car went squealing down our street about an hour ago, making a totally gratuitous loop through our residential neighborhood while I was out walking. A few minutes later, I saw a large family of our neighbors out taking a walk, kids, dog, and stroller in the street, as is the usual custom in our neighborhood, which is not a thoroughfare, so I had a word with the neighbors. Just now, at home, I heard some more squealing. I opened our front door (I suppose unwisely) and saw the lights of a car down the street. Assuming that it was the same lunkhead, I called campus security, and was told that a neighbor had already called about the same incident. I gave a partial license number (they were going fast) and I am hoping that Justice is fast, too. My husband thinks that under the circumstances, we should limit our kids to biking on the sidewalk.

The kids were both in school today, which was nice. I did grocery shopping, went to the gym, and had a short nap before picking up the kids, which is a very full day for someone with my energy level. C did her last CCD assignment for the spring, which involved filling in blanks in the Apostle's Creed. My husband asked C, "What does Catholic mean?" C said, "It means the people who don't eat meat on Friday," looking not very excited about it. As you may remember from her comments yesterday on our chick pea dinner, C likes her meat.

I've passed the halfway point on Sense and Sensibility. Elinor has just learned of Edward's secret engagement and Marianne has discovered Willoughby's treachery.

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