Saturday, May 1, 2010

Worst cartoon

D was sent home with pinkeye on Monday and today was his last day of pinkeye treatment. C was feverish and home sick starting a couple days later and D caught her bug, too. We missed a birthday party last night, a birthday party this morning, a free Lowes project, and several dinners at the cafeteria. I think today or tomorrow will be the kids' last official day sick for now, but between the kids' having been home and isolated for several days, my husband's needing to catch up on yardwork today and his four store blitz in search of kite-making materials this afternoon, today has been an example of what I refer to as "screen saver" parenting. I managed a bit of quid pro quo with the kids (D had to read two Cool Cats phonics books before I let him do Tux Paints on the computer and I eventually started charging the kids for video time), but it was a C- day, culminating in the kids each spending 10 of their points to watch the worst cartoon I have seen in years, Kangaroo Jack: G'Day U.S.A. It features a kidnapped kangaroo who boxes, accidentally eats hot peppers at a Vegas buffet, water skis, etc. It was a Netflix/Wii option, of course.

C says that it would be nice to work at Starbucks. I asked what she would like about working there, and she said she'd like to make smoothies.

While trying to think of a fruit to eat (one fruit and one protein being our minimal requirement for dessert), D asked, "What do we have that's not a fruit but counts as a fruit?" D was balky earlier during the day when reading the second Cool Cats book, but did much better later with the third one. With the third book, he bounced on our trampoline for about a minute between pages. The Cool Cats boxed set is pretty pure phonics-wise, but at the same time has a strong story element, a very rare combination in the boxed phonics world. In the third book, Tom Cat loves hip hop and dances around to it. His dad hates hip hop and hides Tom's CD, but ultimately gives it back, because "Dad is hip."

I'm about to step out for my evening walk with Sense and Sensibility, but my husband is setting up a kite-making station for the kids. The kites will be built mostly from wooden dowels and kitchen trash bags. The kids will be compensating us a total of $5 for materials.

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