Monday, May 10, 2010

Who says tenure is dead?

C is home sick today and has been working on an acrylic painting of some duckies on a pond with cattails. I am trying to alternate enriching activities with screen time. Does lunch count as an enriching activity?

We got some excellent news this morning. The graduate student father of the toddler and the infant that I promised to babysit has gotten a tenure-track job offer. It's a 4-4 teaching load at a small college, which is better than a poke with a sharp stick. Who says tenure is dead? Presumably, I will babysit the two little ones this summer while their parents pack for their move. This job offer is very good news for everybody. I'll be able to babysit for them for free this summer and then babysit for pay for a faculty family that we know while our kids are in school this fall. That will be very neat and tidy, more so than babysitting for both families this fall, which would have been the case if the job offer didn't come through. This summer, we will as usual be facing a high electric bill for air conditioning ($100-$150 a month extra from approximately June through September) plus we will have higher school tuition to pay ($200 a month from now on now that D is going to a 5-day schedule). That will zap our house downpayment savings for much of the summer, but I think we will do better starting in August. My husband is getting a small raise and I will have some babysitting income left over after paying all my taxes. The current downpayment fund isn't spectacular (it's currently just over $10,000) but it is slowly growing and we expect a windfall in 2011 (it's a summer college teaching seminar that comes with a nice stipend). Obviously, we're not exactly deprived around here. I still hit Starbucks regularly, the kids are going to some summer programs, we have some travel plans for the summer (Texas for fun and the West Coast to see family), and we're planning to buy some electronics over the next year or so. All the same, living within our income and saving for a downpayment is a slog.


Anonymous said...

Starbucks, yum. dave.s.

xantippe said...

At least around here, they have frappuccinos (sp?) available for 50% off for part of May, if you come in between 3 and 5 PM. I'm more of an iced mocha gal myself.

My current cost-cutting measure is to try to sneak off to Starbucks by myself without the kids.