Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday catch-up post

I couldn't find any suitable title, but I'd best get things down anyway:
  • On Friday, D performed as a zebra in the pre-K class play. After the performance, each child got a certificate to honor their excellence in a particular character feature. D got a certificate for obedience and trying hard to obey rules. His teacher told a story about him raising his hand to speak, even on the tire swing on the playground when he needed both hands! The costuming was very cute for the play. A very nice set of curvy kudu horns was created from pipe cleaners, if I'm not mistaken. The leopards were also cute. They had commercial ears and tail, but they also wore yellow t-shirts with big black spots. D wore zebra ears and a zebra tail, a white uniform polo, black uniform pants, and black mocs, plus face paint. He disliked the face paint, but suffered for his art.
  • I made a second trip to school in the afternoon to deliver a cookie cake to C's class.
  • We've had the air conditioning on for a couple of days now, and our indoor temperatures are at 80 degrees. This morning, it was 80 degrees outdoors at 8:30 AM, so with these temperatures, we have no significant overnight low to use to cool the house. The kids have had fevers for the past couple of days, so the AC helps keep them cool.
  • My gladioluses are starting to bud and bloom. I've got a couple dozen of them in my patio garden, so I'm going to be very generous with the kids' requests for flowers for their vases. When we last went to HEB together, D chose some yellow carnations as his special store item, and the carnations are now in a blue glass vase in the kids' bathroom. I'll add some gladioluses as they mature.
  • C points out the oddity of needing to learn to sound out words as a beginning reader, and that advanced readers don't sound out words. She is reading Kidnapped, but may not finish. We will see.
  • C gave D some miniature Russian bark slippers (they are a traditional Russian souvenir item) from her collection. She told D that they are his "bravery slippers" and she said that she would put a sticker on the slippers for each time that D did something brave. She gave him some stickers for eating yogurt.
  • C independently checked the pears on the counter, found a ripe one, washed it, and cut it up. Yay, C! (There's a five-year-old down the street who packs his own school lunches, but every child is on a different schedule.)
  • C says that what she wants to be when she grows up is a 2nd grade teacher. I need to remember to share that with Mrs. S, her teacher.
  • D's new dinosaur stamp set comes with red and blue ink. D produced a sheet with rows and rows dinosaur stamp images that is now on the fridge. Due to the combination of inks, most have some blue and some red, and it looks a heck of a lot like the iconic Obama HOPE poster, but with dinosaurs.
  • Lastly, there's been some real estate movement. My next door neighbor tells me that he and his wife have bought the only house for sale in the other faculty/staff neighborhood. They will be moving in a few weeks from the house next door, which they built 40 some years ago. They were bought out by the college. I hope they got a good deal on their new house, which the last I heard was offered for something like $425k. That was a surprise. I knew that our other next door neighbors (also an elderly couple) were moving out soon, so may have new neighbors on either side of us very soon. Maybe with kids!
  • In the historic neighborhood I watch, one of those houses in the mid-200s has had its price cut by $12k. There are two new houses for sale on the most famous street. A mid-century brick home is for sale for $195k and a spectacular 1920s tudor (it's at least 3000 sq. ft., maybe even closer to 4000) is for sale for $270k. One year to go until we buy!

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