Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scary children's books

Here's some of what's been happening:
  • The kids and I did a big campus trip (them on bikes, me on foot) involving Starbucks and the college library's children's section. While I was picking out some books for C, I noticed a couple of interesting titles in the picture book section by the same author: I Wish Daddy Didn't Drink So Much and Nobody Wants a Nuclear War. I enjoyed this post on Vigna's oeuvre. Shoo! Get over there and read it.
  • C is reading Treasure Island.
  • C and D are putting together a serialized dramatic reading of C's Egyptology book (from the -ology series). We got the first installment tonight. C wore a tutu and D wore his elephant suit. Later in the evening, C was busy making paper crowns for the next installment.
  • I authorized C to pull up all of the big radishes in my patio garden, since some have started going to seed. For whatever reason, very few of them have formed much of an edible root. My gladioluses are looking good (they're over two feet tall) and some are starting to bud.
  • We made an afternoon trip to the fancy pants HEB out in the suburbs in preparation for the weeks that the cafeterias will all be closed. It's practically as big as a Walmart and it's a good thing we don't shop there regularly, because if we did, it would be over the hill to the poor house in short order. The nice thing about our wrong-side-of-the-tracks HEB is that if I don't see something, I don't want it (except non-slimy non-putrid raw chicken--I still want that pretty badly). On the other hand, the suburban HEB seems to have almost everything--walnut oil, grapeseed oil, a dozen different varieties of Greek style yogurt, etc. The yogurt, in particular, spoke to me, but I left it regretfully on the shelf. Back in NW DC, I once or twice got the Greek yogurt that comes with a little tub of honey for you to mix in at Marvelous Market. What a shock to see the same thing on the shelf in an untrendy Texas suburb and to see that Yoplait makes Greek-style yogurt. That's a trend that completely passed me by. The store was too big for an enjoyable experience, but going outside my usual shopping habits, I bought spring roll wrappers and a cabbage to go in the spring rolls. We couldn't find Patak's Indian sauces, which is odd, but I know that there's a closer HEB that does carry them.
  • This evening, my husband had a garage date with a colleague to work on a telescope that my husband is building for the colleague. They were eventually joined by a third colleague (our neighbor), his two daughters, their dog and a cat. C had an attack of kiddie insomnia and came out to the garage, too. It looks like the optics are basically taken care of, but there's a lot more to do.

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