Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rosa's Cafe

Here's some of what's been happening:
  • This afternoon, three elementary grades performed Mexican folk dances that they have been practicing for months. C wore an orange performance skirt (ordered and handmade last year) decorated with ribbons and lace and a hot pink t-shirt. The other girls wore similar skirts in turquoise, hot pink, sunshine yellow and red and mostly more embroidered peasant blouses. The boys wore black pants and white shirts, and straw hats in some dances. I saw one little girl wearing a wreath of artificial flowers with ribbons, like the ones I saw on sale in San Antonio when we visited. Next time...
  • Due to the difference in costuming, the boys are a bit of an afterthought in these dances. The exception was the dance called Los Machetes, in which the boys dance with prop machetes and the girls mostly just swish their skirts. Here is a video from another school to give you the basic idea.
  • At the dance performance, there was an announcement that everybody should go in costume to Rosa's Cafe this evening to have dinner. About half the restaurants in town are Tex Mex, but due to C's lack of enthusiasm for Mexican food, I have barely set foot in a Mexican restaurant since we moved to Texas. I thought it was an excellent opportunity, so we went tonight, joining dozens of other families from school. It's a stand-up-to-order, pick-up-your-own-food type place, but good quality, and very fast. I recommend the chicken fajita plate, which you get with the fresh tortillas that they make there. I didn't get to see it in action, but they have one of those spiral tortilla makers. You can see videos here, but I warn you that just watching tortillas spiral down and poof up may make you hungry. Most wonderfully, you can get a dozen fresh tortillas for $2.49, which would be a nice shortcut when making dinner at home.
  • Our high temperature was about 90 degrees today, but we've had a thunderstorm and rapid cooling.
  • My husband has been experimenting with text-to-voice software. At bedtime, he had an assortment of British voices telling D that he was sleepy and that he ought to go to bed. C wanted to play with the program, too. She typed in "Ancient Egyptians worshiped many gods."

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