Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pinkeye again?

Here's some of what's been happening:
  • I think C may have pinkeye in one eye. Last time it was D.
  • C says, "I think girls are good at math." C is fresh from a classroom competition in which the girls' team won. Congratulations to G, who seems to have put in a really brilliant performance.
  • My husband has been wanting me to switch from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome. One day recently, I discovered that (thanks to a paternalism worthy of Nudge), Internet Explorer was no longer on my laptop tool bar. It worked, too. Now that I am weaned from Internet Explorer, I hope to be able to safely navigate the design blogs that I used to love. I don't know the technical side of this at all, but visiting my favorite design blogs used to trigger all sorts of scary virus warnings and ominous messages about virus protection automatically downloading to my laptop.
  • In other tech news that I don't fully understand, we have been planning for some time to get a new laptop for me, and have $569 saved and alloted for that purchase. The question is whether to get another full-size laptop similar to the Dell I have now (which would be around $600) or to go for a netbook, which would cost only about half as much as the conventional laptop. The current laptop has a fair amount of duct tape holding it together and very little ability to sustain a battery charge when not plugged in. Especially in the summer, it's nice to think about being able to go outside with a small netbook (under 3 pounds!) and be on the internet while the kids play. For outdoor use, I'll need a matte screen. The netbook would have no DVD drive (or any disk drives at all) and the small 10" screen would be inadequate for the photo processing which is the major job that my current laptop handles. So, there are sacrifices in functionality to get the small size and the smaller price. I suppose that if we keep this old laptop, we can continue to use it for photo work until it really dies. I'm getting very close to making the jump to an iphone type thing, but one of the great appeals of the netbook is that the keyboard is almost standard size and I'm not ready to give that up yet. I'm also put off by the ongoing expense of the iphone and small screen size. The whole thing is very complicated, but here's our current plan: 1) get netbook for me at first opportunity (around $300) 2) roll over savings from laptop fund into Dell desktop fund (for maximum lifespan and functionality, about $500) 3) at some indistinct point in the future (perhaps in 1.5 years when our Sprint contract is up) move over to smart phones (not at all sure how much that will cost). I now have a conventional cell phone and my husband has a Treo, but I get a lot of emails "sent from my iphone" and in the words of Janis Joplin "My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends."
  • I talked to my grandma yesterday. Grandpa was out performing an autopsy on a heifer that had been healthy and then suddenly died. They would like to rule out foul play.

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